You are You.

Who are we?

When there is ∞ doubt and infinite question, how can we look at answer?
If answers partner, do they remain answers?
if a question finds "its" answer, what does that mean?
if there is an answer to everything, what is a question to everything?
How much influence does questioning have on the bigger picture?

We're a hub of early adopters of interhuman-networks, their game design and modeling agents.
Quest.Expert is architecture-class 'industry'.

There is a number ℕ, of living beings around you and me, which is always greater one.

Then how is it possible, that billions of concepts to think about the world do not produce a state of global equilibrium?

Our Minds are facing their very own complexity, density and intensity of reality. When do we submit an answer [to silence], when do we answer [to signals] and when do we halt and listen?

Many talk about the big picture, but what does it actually look like? Can it be drawn?

Around us are billions of network, relations, organizations and hubs. The flow and scope of information is too rapid to start from the very basis. We have billions of chances every hour to act, t oreact or initiate.

How are we able to choose the right one, among billions of frames, narratives, brands and words?





Social Networks

Imagine there's a trading partner out there, having whatever you need at almost any speed you want and they expect nothing from you in return aside a mutual cool future, how do we maintain any different from each other and prevent loosing the human cultural values and terrestrial history?³


We are too.
in case you thought "I'm confused"
nice to have you hear!


We are starting from nothing at 2020 and produce a quest which has the trailing setup: What if instead 2021 the year 2028 takes place, as 0 (zero) turned out to be a cell which divided and triggered the humans to update their entire network architecture on earth from the ground up?
What is a sufficiently diverse but reduced database of 2020 discovery and knowledge compilation humanity was able to compute within 2020, given that the time stopped 31st December 2020?

The sentence we all speak together is the


We share time and we share space, what are our options if we share the same spacetime?
1. Noone computes faster then the new boot.
2. The newboot takes place under EU guidance

So Lets get some words in the same language.

We share the ability to conceptualize.

(Fancy word for 'producing' a mental or abstract imagine with our mind. The discussion about these vivid or less vivid conceptual 'realms' produced the words reality, subjectivity, truth, fake, deep-X, blockchain-X, next-X. But which word will actually produce "the" X-change we all would need - but cannot wish for in such way, that we allow others (and ourselves) to symbolize, recognize and protect these dreams so that they might become reality?

We share the properties of organic consciousness, embodiment and physiology. But we don't share the preconception that they are the only forms of embodiment and identity we can or want to exprience. Then what does us distinguish from each other and what doese distinguish us from you concept of alien, precisely?

Kea Organics wants to be/develop/propose a language that

  • Allows to communicate complexity in a simple and clear way
  • helps to find out the best thing one can do right now
  • supports learning, thinking and healthy cultural evolution

The world has become too big to grasp.
The world has become too fast to

We have to scale it down.

In between Reality




A Superlanguage Datatype.

We need new protocols.
New Datatypes.
New Networks.
New Languages.
New Tribes.
New Professions.
New Playgrounds.
New Impact.

There is one optimal choice: Life

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