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inbetween consciousness 0

inbetween consciousness

Aufräumen Para-medis auftreiben Techno session in <=3 hrs human connection system not available. jisti concept approach elaborate update mechanism: give accounts to semi-controllers (a,c,v, ..)

conceptual breathing 0

conceptual breathing

Plan wäre gewesen Übersichtsseite zu machen mit den 4, 5 tracks an denen ich grad arbeite, den 10 bis 20 Bildern und den 400 Seiten Text die ich irgendwie zusammenfummeln muss. Aber heute ist...

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Versuche Kea online zu machen Gleich Training Momentane hotspots sind texten (carsten, nima), homepage (content, struktur, funktionalität). Nebenprojekte Musik Current Priority: Release 28.10. von 3 tracks (turing, kardinal, magnitude), 1 vid (1st epoch) und...



Life / Experiental Meta / Information Resource / Physical LMR is recursive concept-language, thereby: self-actualizing (R) self-regulating (L) self-generalizative (M) LMR generates Epochs that correspond to the respective root interpretations of the LMR basis...


Definition is the representation of its three subsystems: Keanok Organism, Keanok Organization and Kea Organics. K-ORganism is the physical identity that is at the root of Keanok who also formulates the current Kea –...



Introduction hub In essence, I’d like to research on a very specific topic: How can we make (all) our interaction with reality better? Interaction with reality is everything from thinking about it, walking, watching...

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Traffic and Entropy Consciousness Universal Language to reduce complexity and grow potential Entropy defines time presence is only existing time; hence matter converges simultaneous to entropic cascades. Life is optimization or reconfiguration of entropic...