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In essence, I’d like to research on a very specific topic: How can we make (all) our interaction with reality better? Interaction with reality is everything from thinking about it, walking, watching a series or building a spaceship. We have behaviors that developed from our capabilities, naturally. But how can we make these behaviors more efficient – in biological understanding? Biologically more efficient we understand as something being more fun, healthier, more ecological responsible, sustainable, ecologically and economically more aware and informed as well as community and civilization-development oriented. The complexity of our world makes it difficult and sometimes impossible for individuals to choose options that they support completely. Almost always people must make compromise between understanding something better and deciding something that it relates to.

in such ways, that they become more fun, easier, richer, healthier, more informed and cooperatively?

areas to introduce

areas to formalize

-anics hub

-inization hub

-anics hub

-anism hub

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Goal State

Descriptions into categories anism, anization, anics

each introduction to current enabling system

each introduction to general background

each introduction through story mode


Contain: Motivation : World : Person : Knowledge : Feeling

Give introduction to layout of homepage

Give intro to funding pools


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