Definition is the representation of its three subsystems: Keanok Organism, Keanok Organization and Kea Organics. K-ORganism is the physical identity that is at the root of Keanok who also formulates the current Kea – concept. As such is LMR-designed, it has resource element which is a living person (organism), a life-element which is a project and interaction attempt (Organization) and Kea Organics as a transitive research approach about Keanok, cryptologism, lifianism, neurodynamics research, meta-theism, grand synthesis sketches and it is intended to become a hub for other interested beings (Open Organics).

As such there are three main areas of content. A visual sketch of the current architecture is difficult to produce as Keanok is continually undergoing optimization. Currently the three main categories split into three sublayers each. As everything is intended to be LMR complete, you may look at the LMR page for explanation and background.




  • Mindware/L
  • Software/M
  • Hardware/R
  • Cryptologism/M
  • Neurodynamic design/L
  • LMR-language/R
  • Setup/R
  • Activity/L
  • Concept/M


Kea Organics

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